Air Swimmers Combo Pack - Shark and Clownfish

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Air Swimmers - Awesome Remote Control Flying Shark & Clown fish! Air Swimmers provide hours of remote control fun indoors for young and old alike. Choose either a colorful clown fish or menacing shark, fill it up with helium (readily available at party shops and florists) and watch it “swim” from one room to another with incredibly life-like motions, including flapping tail fin. The remote control allows individuals to move their inflatable creature up, down and all the way around. Each Air Swimmer measures 57” in length and 36” in height and has a range of up to 40 feet. It requires only four AAA batteries to function. They’re made from a quality and durable nylon material that stays inflated for weeks and can be filled over and again. This is a fantastic and unique surprise to add to kids parties or simply to keep around the home or office to entertain or startle friends.

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