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    The Mini Jammers will be the life of any party! Create a transcendent performance with an interactive musical toy that generates a brilliant light show that responds to your every dance command. Shout out "Dance faster!", "Start dancing!", "Sit down!", or "Stop", and the dancing toy will obey on cue. Before the concert begins, follow the My Jammer Web interface to pimp out the production value. Customize the dancer with the face of your choice, and style it with the included clothes, hats, instruments, and more. Design a star and control his every move. All of your friends will think your commands are magical, but there's a trick. Included with the Jammer dancer is invisible thread that allows you to control the dancer right under everyone's nose. Share the secret with everyone or keep it to yourself. The concert will be awesome either way!



    complete with a brilliant lightshow - and they follow your every command. Tell your Mini Jammer to "Start dancing!", "Stop!", "Sit down!", or "Dance faster!" and it obeys every time!

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1 Item(s)