Helium Tank Rental Policy, Safety & Tips

Helium tanks may be rented with a driver's license and a cash or credit card deposit of $80 - $120 per tank upon pick up. No deposit is required if order was placed online for delivery to your delivery address. However, you will need to fill out a copy of Helium Tank Rental Agreement to be submitted on or before delivery. Please, make sure the form is properly completed on or before delivery to save time. You can also e-mail the form to us before delivery by sending your completed form to orders@teamlicious.com.            

  Reservations are recommended at least three to four days in advance.  Customers may rent helium tanks up to 8 days at no additional charge, and $3 per day thereafter. Helium accounts are also welcome.

Whether you have your own balloons and only need to rent a tank and nozzle. Or if you need the inflation work done. We have all that you need to make your inflation experience simple and fun.


There is a $35.00  minimum delivery & pick-up charge for all local deliveries depending on your location. Tanks are delivered and picked up within 6-8 days at no extra charge). Additional charges apply to out of area deliveries and locations that do not meet our delivery criteria, i.e. steps, secured buildings, etc. Please call for an accurate quote.

Please, make sure you plan your event and know the quantity of balloons needed before you place your order, we are unable to issue refund due to any un-used helium tank after delivery or return of the helium tank.

Tanks should be secured during use. Tanks may be secured to posts with duct tape or rope as an alternative.

While helium is not a toxic gas, certain helium tank precautions should be followed. Be forewarned that it is dangerous to breathe helium directly from a tank - the high pressure can cause severe lung damage.

When scheduling a crew to inflate your balloons, keep in mind that 11-inch balloons will float for 12 to 24 hours, depending on how well they are sealed. Tying Clips are easier than hand-tying for the novice, but they are less likely to properly seal the balloon than a good old-fashioned hand-tied knot. Plan your inflation time accordingly.


In order to fill balloons you will need an inflator. If you are filling latex only, then that is the type of inflator you should request. If you intend to fill both foil and latex balloons, you'll want to select a dual inflator which can fill both styles and it requires extra rental charge of $20.

 When transporting cylinder make sure valve is removed.

 When cylinder is not in use turn to the shut off position to prevent slow leakage of helium.

 Secure cylinders in vehicles to prevent rolling or tipping.

Bleed all helium out of valve before attempting to remove valve from tank. If there is helium left in the inflator it will not unscrew.

 Keep all helium out of reach of children.

 Never inhale helium. It can lead to asphyxiation and death.

Contact us for further help at orders@teamlicious.com or 647-8787-414 or 1-844-BIG-TEAM (244-8326)